I am a Holy Spirit empowered believer. I am a Wife and Mother of two. I am passionate about creating healthier lives for people.

how two became four………

  My story of where I am today is a unique gift from God. It certainly did come without challenges but through prayer and perseverance I am blessed with a beautiful family, a village to call my own.  When my first daughter Peyton was born a passion in me started to grow. It was a desire to give my child a healthier lifestyle and from their I opened my eyes up to a new world of natural living. I faced many challenges as a single mother trying to start a cleaning business but my faith in God has brought me through all of it. My daughter Peyton was 9 years old when  I met my husband Jordan and his daughter Olivia. Our story is crazy to some but one week after we met the Lord spoke to us and told us to get married.  I have learned from the past that when the lord speaks you move and that’s exactly what I did. My daughter and I were living in Minnesota at the time and we packed up and closed my commercial cleaning business and move to North Dakota. It was the ultimate leap of faith, we faced many challenges as we learned how to blend our family together but everyday we continue to grow closer and see the bigger picture of why God had called two to become four.

Handcrafted Cleaners since 2014

I have a passion for creating healthier products and I love educating

I have been running my own business for the past 8 years. I originally started with cleaning houses, and then began cleaning commercial buildings. During that time I discovered that my clients, including the commercial buildings, gave many positive reviews on my cleaning products. It prompted me to begin selling them, literally by the gallon. My products clean effectively, without using harsh chemicals, as well as boost the immune system while your cleaning.

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